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First post is always the hardest one

Well, hello people. I'm a huge fan of Michael Weston so I thought that I could start an LJ community for him just for fun. Although I'm pretty sure no one's ever gonna find or join this...

Anyways, anyone is allowed to post anything Michael-related here. It is also desirable... Aaaaaaaaand, join if you feel like it. You can post an introduction entry of yourself, too, if you want to.

Something about me and my undying love of Michael? Well, for starters, I'm an 18-year-old girl from Finland. I like sunsets and long walks on the beach and... No no, just kidding. I fell in love with Michael when I saw him on Scrubs. His character was so adorable and so was he, of course. Since then I have tried to get my hands on everything he's been in. I have also succeeded in that pretty well, but of course there are still quite a few movies or episodes I'm dying to see but can't get anywhere. Actually, I had seen Michael in ER and Garden State before his appearance on Scrubs but I was apparently so young and stupid that I didn't pay that much attention to him...

So what's so special about Michael? Well, you know what! He's an incredible actor. Seriously, he's the best. He can play anything. And his eyes... Oh my God, his eyes are so blue and just... beautiful. And his lips and his hair and his voice and his eeeeeeverything. He's gorgeous. I can't ever get enough of him.

Okay, bye!